A Brief Introduction

  • I was born in England.... quite a few years ago.

  • Dad moved the family to Hong Kong when I was two-years old and I lived there for thirty-one years.

  • I went back & forth from Hong Kong to England in the 70's.... to hang out in a 400 year old boarding school.

  • I played a lot of rugby and cricket and acted in some school plays.... but I probably should have studied a little more.

  • I attended college in The UK and secured myself a Business Diploma.

  • I then went back to Hong Kong in the 80's and joined The Royal Hong Kong Police.

  • I was a Detective Inspector for a few years before becoming a private investigator.

  • I speak terrible Cantonese, but it seems to impress some people.

  • Since leaving Hong Kong in 1997 my focus has been primarily on assisting my clients here in Whistler.

  • I've also worked on real estate developments in other places, spending up to six months at each location in a sales & marketing role....

    • Resort Locations: Keystone & Copper, Colorado | Turks & Caicos Islands | Mauritius | Yabuli, China.

    • Urban Locations: Vancouver | Hong Kong | Dubai | Manila | Beijing, China. 

  • When not working with a client or spending time with the family, I run around a squash court, ski a little and eat too much in our fabulous Whistler restaurants.

  • My two daughters still think I'm okay to hang out with, so I enjoy a beverage with them every now and then.

  • I'm told I'm a pretty good sales-guy.... which is good, because I'm always looking for new clients.