|  An Introduction

A typical real estate brokerage is dictated by old-school thinking, packaged in bricks and mortar and excessive overhead costs. Kerritina is on a mission to reinvent how a brokerage operates in British Columbia, offering our clients a modern approach to selling or buying a residential property, while offering our Realtors and Managing Brokers an exciting alternative to a rewarding career.

Our head office opened in November 2018 and is located in Whistler, which perhaps reflects our belief that participation in an active and balanced lifestyle is one of the keys to success. As we move into 2019 we will start to connect with like-minded Realtors and Managing Brokers throughout the province, inviting them to join us as we strive to open additional offices.


But be assured, a Kerritina "office" will be very different from the franchise offices you presently see. We will not occupy inefficient retail spaces, focusing instead on utilizing technology to service our clients. This will also translate into a successful business model for our Realtors, who will not be shackled by overbearing corporate policies, suffocating brokerage fees and commission splits.

If you are a Realtor seeking to reduce your expenses and establish an independent brand, or a Managing Broker with ambitions to oversee up to four highly efficient offices, please visit kerritina.com.​

Welcome to The Digital Age.

Welcome to Kerritina.